Light Body Whisperer, Healer,Astrologer, Divine Child Midwife, Crystal lover , Reiki Master, Aura Soma Therapist, Guided Meditations, Giving directions (it's called coaching these days), Intuitive, Tuning in, Bringing people into the 21st century, Breathing Life Force back into People, Making the Invisible Visible, Wake Up Caller, Making the Sublime Practical. Just take your pick... All of this sprinkled with humbleness and humour of course.
I work with Higher Self & Multidimensional Self communication combined with Angelic, Master and Star energies during intuitive readings & recalibrations.


My name is Hilde Devondel, my spiritual name is Prem Jharna (Waterfall of Love). Pegasus is my companion during meditations for over 30 years. Especially the last years he became prominent in my spiritual work and during each session and each 'download' of energy I receive. My main interest lies in the Light Body, Ascension and upgrading DNA and much to my surprise I discovered that's what Pegasus is about.
bullet My most important mission is to work with the Light Body, increasing people’s vibration by various initiations and purifying the aura from negative thoughts and emotions that have become outdated and unnecessary to allow people to feel the joy, abundance and the unity they deserve.
bullet I've been studying astrology for more than 25 years and lately I’ve started adding Human Design, which is a valuable complement since it’s very practical and usable in our daily lives.
bullet I've been studying lots and lots of different systems and energy work in the last 20 years (see BIO), I love to study, find out what works, compare, try it out on myself first, I combine my brain with my intuition and have kept what stuck with me from my different journeys into healing modalities. This gave me the tools to assist people on all levels: emotional, mental and spiritual.
bullet In 2008 I started with my most important education through my Higher Self and my Guides (mostly Pegasus, since september more and more multidimensional selves start to accompany me consciously), allowing me to channel my own sessions.
bullet Since the beginning of 2009 my sessions are more intuitive and I just follow my guidance in using the different modalities I’ve studied. With a new client I usually start with an introduction session to get to know each other and after that we are able to follow the energies I receive through my Guides and yours, by my Higher Self and yours.
bullet I continue to upgrade my knowledge and energy and keep keenly in touch with new healing energies. Over the years I've noticed my Guidance leads me into unknown and exciting new territories and later I find confirmation with other healers. Slowly, slowly, I've started to trust my own guidance and this way I'm able to point the way for very brainy, leftbrained people. I'm currently writing a book about my life as an empath.


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