If you’re reading these words, I believe you are


ready to make positive changes in your life 
• willing to know yourself as you really are
• determined to claim your power
• ready to create the life you wish and need, from the heart
• in need of a little help from someone who went through the same...

Please browse through the different sessions and listen to your belly to be guided to the right sessions for you in this moment. An intake session is always a good session to start with.

Session Introduction INTAKE SESSION
An evaluation of your needs here and now by means of a mini soulreading, a look at your birth chart and Human Design chart to determine your gifts and challenges and the joyful way for you to transform, followed by a 1 hour reading of the chakras with eventual channeling.
During this reading I will connect to your energy while you're in a relaxed state. Follow-up by email.
Session 1 h + preparation chart information: $ 222
Pegasus channeling Âme

By contacting your and my Guides and Higher Self, the Masters and Angels, you will receive a channeling from them and from what's happening now energy-wise and at the level of your Light Body, your next step on the path and any questions you have yourself right now. Before the session you will receive a questionnaire, afterwards you will receive the report of the session via e-mail
. $ 222 for 1 hour. Ask your questions and receive the answer the Universe wants you to hear now (not always what you want to hear, usually you will be reminded of your own power or how to access our own power and wisdom). Usually started by tuning into the natal birthchart so please give date, hour and place with birthdate for this channeling.
Afterwards you will receive a written explanation of the session through email.

Het Blije Kind
These sessions are for Lightworkers really wanting to let go of old baggage and to get ahead on their path. We are working around emotions, shocks, old traumas that are difficult to let go of. Here we use the energy of the Practical Mastery ™ infusions and integrate them into the chakra system, with a transmutation on the cellular level, the DNA level. The second session we look at the issues coming up as a result from the previous session and connect the wounded inner child with the Divine child (or any inner Child showing up). These sessions allow more flow and happiness in the daily life.
$ 222 / 2 sessions. . More here.
Éliminez vos limites!

These sessions bring together several disciplines and work around a specific issue, a lot of the time around past life memories needing to be integrated.
These sessions take 2 x 1 hour with 1 week between both sessions.
$ 111 for 1 hour, $ 144 for 2 hours.

1. 'Tuning in' and reading (aura scan) of the emotions and feelings ready for transformation.
2. Purification of the Subtle Bodies (usually in relation to past lives) combined with infusions to assist in the topics in need of integration.
3. Integration through Light Energy: toning, Light Language, Reiki, LaHoChi, 'New' Quantum Energy, with the help of my Guides & Masters and also your own Guides & Light Assistance.

The goal of these sessions is to bring in the new energies.
1. Distant channeling by contacting Guides & Angels .
2. Purification of the subtle bodies combined with energy transmissions, depending on the issues revealed during the reading and the purification .
3.Quantum energy session for integration .
During a 2 hour distant session, I will work on your aura and subtle bodies with the help of my and your Guides in order to transform the energies resisting your experience of Silence and Joy.

$ 111 for 1 hour, $ 222 for 2 hours with a week's interval. Information about the session by mail.

Specific for star seeds and people on the ascension path wanting to get in touch with their multidimensional selves.

1. Connection to the Diamond Light Body: $ 222
2. Connection of the different chakras to the Christ Consciousness:
$ 222 .
More info later

Reiki, ouverture à l'énergie de l'Amour Inconditionnel
Reiki connects us to the Unconditional Love of the Universe; these initiations open our chakras and subtle bodies to this tranformational energy. During an initiation we experience the meditative state and silence of our Inner Being, while activating the Healer within (the initiator is only an energy katalyst). For every level also an integration session after 21 days and a pdf file with explanations and personal guidance for 21 days. For pricing please contact me personnally.
Une activation de l'ADN dans les énergies crystallines
As Earth raises its vibration, human beings are being given many opportunities to raise their vibration as well.  One of the golden keys to individual ascension work are Crystalline DNA Activations to awaken and activate what scientists call the "junk DNA" - which is the DNA strands that they have no clue as to what it does. 
There are now four levels of Crystalline DNA Activations I offer, that will dramatically increase the number of active DNA strands.  Most ascended masters on this planet developed the first three levels of the Crystalline DNA Activations prior to their ascension.  Through an unprecedented act of divine grace human beings on this planet can now activate these levels of the Crystalline DNA for the first time ever on this planet. -
DNA Activation level I: purification, activation and initiation (Blue Crystal Light Body)
- DNA Activation level II: purification, activation and initiation (Violet Crystal Light Body) $ 55 for first 2 levels
- DNA Activation level III: purification, activation and initiation (White Crystal Light Body) $ 55
- DNA Activation level IV: purification, activation and initiation (Golden Crystal Light Body) $ 55
Specifically for people suffering transition symptoms from 3D to 5D reality.
During a meditative process energetic patterns are induced, a deeper connection to your own spiritual Higher Self and grounding in harmony with your Soul and your I Am.
.$ 99 / session.
More info on the sessions later.
Great energy for Reiki Masters to enhance their healing work with others and for themselves!!! Very Lemurian and feminine energy, connects us to the Masters and Angels: $ 111
Initiation with integration session after 3 weeks, pdf file and follow-up through email.
More information later.


How to prepare?
The optimal way to receive the energy is to be in a quiet, relaxed position during the session. Also, it is ok to be asleep during the sessions and this is a good way to receive the energy. At the agreed time, you relax yourself during 1 hour, you can lie on your bed, ensure that you wonít be disturbed, no cell Phone, telephone off the hook, some quiet relaxing music, best instrumental. You could lite a candle, burn some incense or use a pomander and find the quiet space within yourself. Relax and observe your body, emotions, feelings. But most importantly: ENJOY! Bfly

What happens?
Throughout the session you could feel warmth, different sensations, sounds , smells, visions. Or you could just feel nothing, just a deep feeling of relaxation. That doesnít mean nothing happened or that youíre insensitive. You always receive energy and you experience it in your own unique way and youíre discovering the manual by yourself. Thereís no right or wrong experience, thereís only your own experience. It could be you feel an immediate shift, it could be the process is more subtle for you.

What to expect?
Once you received the session, your life energy will become stronger.
Healing will start where needed. Sometimes you experience a great shift, usually after an initiation. Generally the process is more gradual, you didnít change into who you are over one day! The sessions support you in your process of change and of realization of who you really are. Sometimes you will experience a healing crisis, it depends on how you react to outside energies, some people need a physical or emotional purification. Itís very important to drink plenty of water after a session! Bfly

And afterwards?
Afterwards we can†discuss by email or by Skype what has come up, if I noticed anything during the session.

Payments through PayPal. Contact