June 2023:
We are in a MAJOR PROCESS of TRANSITION on Earth, where change hits us from everywhere.
We might have the impression all is happening faster than ever. 
Keeping our balance and staying centered seems tricky.
The time has come to test drastically new actions, because the ways we used to work things in 3 and 4D, are not working anymore, we need changes!
It’s possible we discover new talents, new capacities, and new passions.
CHANGE HAPPENS at any rate and
by embracing this change, the mourning for what was before will be less painful



PEGASUS ♥ ASCENSION works with the power we use to transcend our 3D reality through Light. For the moment the Crystal Lightbody of Earth and all of its inhabitants is birthing a new energy. This Crystal Light brings us all to the 5D and higher dimensions of unconditional love, freedom from old thought patterns and joy. For more info on the incoming higher dimensions: see background information. My main purpose is working with the Light Body to bring you into your true Love, the Love of your soul and of your heart. The only reason we're not fully happy, is because we don't love ourselves completely.

The PEGASUS ♥ ASCENSION sessions will allow you to find clarity, peace and growth on your personal path and will help you remember your own Beauty, Magnificence, Specialness, Power and Magic!!

I've been working actively with Light energies for over 30 years and have slowly found my own style so now I'm able to accompany people in finding their own style, in contacting their Higer Self, discovering their essence and strengthening their Light Bodies.
I mainly work with Light Workers, Star Seeds, Indigos, creative people and all those who feel attracted by the energy on the site.







Disclaimer: This is not a substitute for medical treatment and is not intended to diagnose, analyze, or cure physical disease

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