bullet With a background of physiotherapy, yoga, Gestalt & Psychosynthesis training, communication and consciousness have always been important topics in my life. As a physiotherapist already my main goal was to empower people, to make them less dependant on others.
bullet A near death experience in 1989 opened a new world for me; suddenly I was able to feel ‘higher energies’ and a Guide started to lead me to completely new experiences, like Aura Soma. It was only about 10 years later I realized I experienced a Walk In, it wasn't really common knowledge in those days. I went to England to follow the courses from Aura Soma and was invited to stay . I stayed for 2 years, 2 magical years  where I was totally immersed in the world of colours, chakras, subtle energies, aromas and especially crystals. During this period I was also initiated into Reiki. From the first level, I started to see images, colours and forms, for the first time my meditation became effortless. At the second level this process intensified and at the third level (in Glastonbury) I floated away to other dimensions


bullet A marble stone from the Buddha Hall lured me to India (crystals were often my guides), to the ashram of Osho in Poona, where I followed many courses with the emphasis on meditation, meditation, meditation… Everything Osho told  sounded like a memory from another life. During my stays in India I experienced often flash backs to living as a monk in Tibet. First of all Osho enticed my intellectual side, he knows what he’s talking about and how to bring it, in the mean time his presence worked on my third eye (during the first years I was not able to remain straight during his videos, same as the other sannyasins). Most of all I appreciated the jokes: for him a master is the mixture of a Buddha and a Zorba (enjoys a good life). After a stay of 2 years in his ashram, I went back every year for at least 3 months to ‘charge my spiritual batteries. There I completed the ‘Path of the Mystic’ training to read energy and auras in 1998 and followed the Tibetan Courses to clear the chakras (1 chakra for an entire month) and meditation, meditation, meditation.
bullet Back in Belgium I started the ‘Awakening your Light Body’ courses in 1996. Orin & Da Ben addressed my multidimensionality, later came Tashira Tachi-ren, Thérapie du Passage, Lightarian Reiki, Heart & Soul Healing by Ken Page, Keylontic Science & Kathara Healing,  Practical Mastery with Bill Austin.
bulletCrystals and astrology are a 25 year passion.
bullet In the course of the last 2 decades I worked with a lot of different forms of energy techniques and meditation to change my life completely. After my journeys through therapy land and spiritual landscapes, I mainly work with ascension and the Light Body and the experience of the heart space through initiations, meditation and energy sessions.
I continue expanding my Light Body and enjoying ever higher forms of spiritual energy to be able to offer my clients an ever expanding consciousness and energy presence.
bullet Pegasus shows up in my meditations since years and when I meditated on a name for my site, there he was. ‘Light’ refers to the development of the Light Body and the Light energies I use. And Ascension evidently  indicates transformation & empowerment & mastery. Lately the heart became more prominent in the sessions.
bullet To ground this energy, I still continue to take sessions myself, the sessions with Tashira (now Zaraz) bring up my Light quota, and Spirit takes care of me for the rest on my path.

Activation tempel


- Training Gestalt & Psychosynthesis :1980
- Astrology: 1982
- Meditation: 1985
- Walk In 1989
- Aura Soma: 1990
- Crystals: 1990
- Reiki: vanaf 1991
- OSHO (India): 1992-2000
- Orin & Da Ben: from 1996 till 2006 all courses
- Samsarah Thérapie du Passage: 1996
- Path of the Mystic in Poona India: 1998
- Lightarian Institute, all courses starting 2001
- Heart & Soul Healing with Ken Page: 2005
- Possibilities DNA M. Ruby
- Empowerment Reiki: 2006
- DNA Activation with Toby Alexander: 2006
- DNA activation with Shapeshifter: 2006
- LaHoChi van het 13th Octave with Eilis Philpott: 2007
- Practical Mastery™ with Bill Austin: 2007 & 2008
- LightBody Activations with Tashira Tachi-ren starting 2005, still taking the upgrades.
- Star Activations: Arcturus, Polaris, Pleiades, Vega, Betelgeuse, Rigel, Sirius: february 2008.
- Different forms of Reiki with Stephen Lovering and other Reiki Masters: 2008 & 2009.
-  Channeling Sessions with my Higher Self & Pegasus since 08.08.2008.
- Human Design since 2009.

- Triality Activation and several other courses with Steve Rother.

- Courses with Anrita Melchizedek, Magenta Pixie, Kenji Kumara, Panache Desai, Mashur Anam, Matt Kahn and more.
- Continuing sessions with Zaraziel Yovel.

Mission statement:
I’m here to allow you to remember your beauty as a child of God, to assist you in discovering self love and your value for the Universe, to help you uncover your own power to become a Master in your own right, in a creative, responsible way, through Love, Insight and Joy.
Up to multidimensionality!!